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Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Zodiac International

Zodiac adds fuel injection controller, jump starter, calipers and accessories


ZODIAC International has increased its product range not only with parts and accessories, but also with tools and aids like its emergency jump starter. The Zodiac jump starter weighs just 10oz and only measures 5in x 2.8in x 1in, but has a starting current of 200A and peak current of 400A. In addition to being used to a start a bike with a flat battery it can also be used to charge a cell phone, PDA, camera or other device that can be charged through a USB connection. Charging time for the pack is around three hours with the supplied 220-240Volt AC charger or cigarette lighter adapter cable, and the charge remains for three to six months. 

Moving on to its custom parts selection, Zodiac now has a new addition to its range of skull themed products. The new skull taillight is CNC machined from aluminum and features a LED display with brake/running light and clear license plate illumination. It is available in the choice of chrome or black finishes and with or without a license plate bracket.

The custom part options from Zodiac continue with the introduction of Roland Sands Design brake calipers. The new calipers employ GP racing technology for increased rigidity, which is said to result in greater stopping power and more feel. Designed to be used with the RSD Radial master cylinder, the calipers feature differential bore pistons of 1.125in and 1.375in diameter that apply a different force at both the leading edge and the trailing edge of the brake pads for superior braking. The calipers are supplied complete with brake pads, bleeder screw, 3/8in-24 banjo bolt and sealing washers and shim kit. Available in Contrast Cut, Black OPS, Machine OPS and chrome finishes, front calipers are offered for ‘00 – ‘13 XL Sportster, ‘00 to present Dyna, ‘00 – ‘14 Softail (except Springer), ‘00 – ‘07 Touring and ‘02 – ‘05 V-Rod (except VRSCR) models. Rear caliper applications are available for ‘00 – ‘01 Touring models, ‘02 – ‘07 Touring and ‘05 VRSCA and VRSCB V-Rod, and ‘08 to present Touring and ‘08 to present V-Rod, but these must be installed with RSD or PM 300mm disc brake rotor. Additionally, Sportster models require the use of 9/16in master cylinder for single disc applications and 11/16in master cylinder for dual disc applications.

The AFR+ Next Generation fuel injection controller, which is now available through Zodiac, brings together two technologies within one system to make it what is claimed to be the most powerful, user-friendly tuning device on the market. It combines an EFI controller with a wideband O2 sensor and AFR gauge to provide instant fuel trimming ability and give feedback about the vehicle’s state of tune on the analog view of air/fuel ratio values between 10 and 16.
The AFR+ has a built-in piggy-back EFI control system which does not replace the stock ECU, but rather monitors the signals to the injectors and makes fuel adjustments based on the mode settings. The AFR+ can be programmed into an auto-tune or a fuel trimming operation mode. The auto-tune mode instantly makes adjustments to the fuel curve based on the wideband O2 sensor input to match the user's desired AFR value. The fuel trimming mode allows a user to make instant changes to the duration of time the fuel injectors are fired.
The AFR+ features a push button interface on the gauge allowing for fine-tuning by the end user for each operation mode.
The controller is available with a black gauge face to fit ’07-‘13 and ’14-present Sportsters, with a black gauge for ’01, ’02-’04, ’05, ’06, ‘07 – ’11 (except CVO), ’11 CVO, ‘12 to present (except ‘12 CVO), and ’12 CVO Softail models and with a white gauge for ’06 and ‘07 - ’11 (except CVO) Softails. For Dyna applications the black gauge is available for ’02-’04, ’05, ’06-’11, and ’12 onward models and a white gauge for ’06-’11. Touring ’95-’01 have a black gauge as do ’02-’04, ’05, ’06, ’08-’09, ’10-’13, and ’14 onward models, while white gauges are offered for ’06, ’08-’09, ’10-’13 and ’14 onward Touring machines. Black faced gauges only are offered for ’02-’07, ’08-’11, and ’12 onward V-Rod models.