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Tuesday, 2 June 2015

DEI Powersports

ONYX Series flexible heat shields

DEI Powersports has launched what it describes as "the next generation of heat protection performance using a combination of advanced textiles and a reliable standoff bracket design."

The new ONYX Series flexible heat shield is available in a rich black finish and "looks great and out-performs other conventional heat shields currently on the market" according to DEI's v-twin Sales Specialist Brian VanKoevering.
The ONYX Series is made by joining two durable materials together to form a dual layer design for improved thermal performance.
The outer layer is made from heat treated glass fiber impregnated with molten aluminum, formed into a tight weave for added durability and strength.
The inside material is made of a specially treated high temperature resistant fabric (89 percent silica) which is capable of withstanding extreme exhaust heat of up to 1,350 degrees Fahrenheit.
All hardware is stainless steel and the outer edge features a surge stitch for improved durability. 

This proprietary textile technology combined with the shield standoff bracket design is said to provide "maximum potential for cooling and heat dissipation."
Also shown here, DEI's new Tie Tool is designed to make tightening stainless steel locking ties a lot easier.

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