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Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Blower Drive Service

Steve Yetzke adds Blower Drive Service to BDL stable

Steve Yetzke, President and CEO of Belt Drives Limited (BDL), has acquired Blower Drive Service (BDS), a Whittier, California based supercharger specialist founded in 1969 by the Railsback family.

Yetzke says that his immediate goal is to increase manufacturing output at BDS and make every part used in BDS blowers “new and in the USA. Many blower manufacturers put used parts such as rotors and gears, and even bearing plates into new blower cases.
“While the entire BDS staff will remain in place at their Whittier facility, including Norma Iskendarian as General Manager and Craig Railsback in special projects, the resources we bring to the table at the new 50,000 square foot manufacturing facility we moved BDL into in Anaheim four years ago means that BDS now has access to increases in resources and manufacturing output. This will ensure that customers will be able to walk through the door and purchase a complete blower drive assembly or replacement parts right off the shelf.”
Back in the early 1970s, when working at his father’s company Pacific Broach, Yetzke was involved with the design and manufacturing of blower drive gears for many of the best known manufacturers at that time, including Cragar.
His experience and market position since then as a result of founding and developing BDL will see BDS able to exploit their designs and grow sales – one of Yetzke’s first actions as the new owner was to increase an order to the foundry from 30 to 200 blower cases, and with thousands of pulleys and belts in stock he is clearly eyeing significant expansion.
His group already includes GMA, the specialist brake caliper and rotor brand that Yetzke purchased from Bill Gardner in 2008 and the JAMAR program of off-road sport and racing machine components acquired shortly afterwards.